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 Such is Life!

Yesterday I received a bit of bad news.  The details are unimportant, but what I noticed was my initial response to the caller, it was… Such is Life – Sometimes it is best to let go!



Time for Real Talk!

Often we place our livelihood in the hands of people who never asked to manage it—our employers.  I’m sorry but it’s true.  We miss the fact that in order for many organizations to survive processes had to be dismantled because they were either no longer effective (or efficient) and supporting them with money (aka people) cannot be justified, and layoffs happen.  And it all seems to happen so quickly, doesn’t it. Time for Real Talk! 


Don’t Waste This Recession

Recently I’ve received several emails from former colleagues, who were  informed that their positions are being “eliminated.”   One particular email was laced with fear throughout.  They were so very afraid and here’s why…