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Ed Harris is a Leadership, Learning and Development professional.  With over fifteen years experience, Ed is a Master Certified Facilitator with expertise in change management, organizational effectiveness, leadership (management), service, and diversity.  Ed is well-known and has a reputation for developing top quality leaders through learning and development, leading to teams producing superior results. 

Ed is actively involved in community growth and development. He is a member of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and is a intigrual contributor in the "Faith-Based" community as well. As the CEO of ProHar Enterprises, Ed is building an organization that supports peoples' success, spiritually, financially, and emotionally as they negotiate life's transitions.

Ed is the Co-host of a national and international leadership radio program Take-A-Lesson: Uncovering Hidden Mentor for Diverse Leaders.  On the show he conducts interviews with the nation’s top executive diverse leaders.

Ed holds a bachelors in business management from St. Mary College, and industry certifications from DDI, Achieve Global, The Training Clinic, GE Capital, and various leadership organizations

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