Author Profile : Joseph Collins - CEO Punch Television Network

Joseph Collins - CEO Punch Television Network

Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, California took its toll on Joseph Collins Jr. Gang violence and drug-ridden streets were a daily battle for the Collins family as they ventured out into their work and school lives. At the age of ten, Joseph’s mother decided to uproot her family and move them to the safer neighborhoods of Pomona, California where Joseph essentially grew up. Money was tight, forcing the family to rely on food stamps and other government assistance just to get by. Although there were many struggles growing up, Joseph still looks back on his childhood with fondness and accredits his parents as the most influential people in his life.

Joseph knew at an early age that he was born for television. The Three Stooges, Speed Racer and The Adams Family were among the many shows that lit the spark inside this future Television CEO, knowing that one day he would be developing and producing top-notch shows like the ones he grew up watching. Gary High School in Pomona, California was the developmental grounds for Joseph’s future as the founder of Punch Television Network. Here his high school teacher, Barbara Barkermeyer, who opened doors for him to gain his first Hollywood audition, heavily influenced him. Persistence paid off when, after months of calling, Joseph landed an internship with WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His flare and contagious personality helped him grow from an intern to working as the youngest news anchor to report the business news, drawing people in to hear his take on the daily events.

Many people have influenced and shaped Joseph’s role in the television world, from J.W. Witt former CEO of WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the story of William Paley, founder of CBS, to Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney and Ted Turner the cable industries trailblazer. These men have inspired Joseph and helped keep him focus on achieving his dream of owning and operating a television network, which has since become a reality.

Joseph’s ultimate goal has come to fruition by bringing life changing, inspirational television to viewers throughout the world. With a long list of accomplishments, recognition from various Senators and City Council members and the newly formed Punch Television Network, Joseph’s extensive background is bringing Punch Television Network to your living room.

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New African American TV Network Launches on DirecTV

Punch TV Network, America’s newest television network will launch on DirecTV this summer. In many respects, Punch TV is a marketer’s dream. With 90 percent African American ownership, Punch TV was conceived as a vehicle to address the unmet entertainment needs of the country’s 41+ million African Americans. African Americans have a Gross Domestic Product of nearly $1.1 trillion dollars.

The question becomes, “How will Punch TV compete with BET and TV One, two well-established networks that specifically target African American consumers?” Joseph Collins, Punch Television Network’s Chief Executive Officer and “Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner, has an interesting answer to such a query. “We have submitted documents to Comcast and Dish Network to carry us on their systems which will expand our reach. In addition, as you know, BET targets the 18-30 year old demographic while TV One targets African Americans over the age of 30. “In contrast” Mr. Collins continues, “Punch TV Network” targets its audiences based upon psychographics and not merely demographics. As a family-based network, we offer programming for all ages. However, from a psychographic perspective, we offer programming that is designed to quench African American’s thirst for innovative programming.”

Punch TV is the only African American network that brings a roster that includes such a high percentage of new programming. Marketing research reveals that African Americans tend to be trendsetters in areas such as apparel, automobiles, and food. Punch TV has incorporated this pattern into its core programming. Our late night show, hosted by Damien Hall (who is currently with the new jack swing group Guy), is sure to quench your late night thirst. We have a complement of original talk shows, one of which stars veteran actress, singer, writer and producer, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Punch TV has selected as one of its anchor shows, “Get Thee Behind Me”, an original secular drama with faith-based messages that strategically integrates comedy. In addition, Punch TV has acquired rights to a never seen before documentary about the life and death of Michael Jackson-The King of Pop.

Punch TV Network differs from current “African American” television networks in another aspect. While definitely an African American network that uses research-driven approaches to target African Americans audiences, Punch TV was also designed to deliver entertainment to multicultural audiences. Visit our website: Punch TV represents a Multi-Media experience that satisfies and excites viewers.

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