Life is a song worth singing

Up at 430 am and in the gym by 530 am, 6 days a week.  People roll their eyes when I tell them that but my thought is there is always time if you are committed to what you do in life.

As part of my routine, I have my music lined up.  My playlist is called inspirational. My choice of music for the most part is gospel.  It nourishes my soul and to each his own.  This morning my playlist got crossed up and a song from year past popped up.  ‘Life is a song worth singing” as sung by Teddy Pendegrass which was never a big hit for him but the words are powerful.  The song was originally sung by Johnny Mathis. 


You hold the key in the palm of your hand, use it

Don’t blame your life on the master plan, change it

The above lyrics sums up what I have always thought about life.  I wrote an article a while back which referred to the proverbial keys and how each person owns a set.  I have friends as you do that complain to me all the time about their situation, dilemma or circumstances that they are facing. 

You hold your own set of keys

As a result of years of hearing and listening, I have come up with the strongest and clearest antidote to this madness.  My refrain is, now tell me what you are going to do about it.  Those powerful words tend to stop people in their track.  I do not care how careful they articulated their issue, when I ask that question, they begin to stumble into some incoherent babble  It all boils down to I want to spend all my time complaining and do not really want to fix it.

Each of us has the built in capacity to not only solve it but reach new heights but we sulk back into the comfort zone of complaining.  The amount of time that is wasted on complaining to friends, seeking advice from all your friends ABOUT YOUR LIFE, could be better served by hunkering down and putting together your master plan.  My overall master plans has numerous subplots and links to other activities that all tie back to the big plan

The master plan once constructed is a fluid document that will have to be changed from time to time.  Adjustments will always be needed.  They are called detours.  Same as planning a vacation, which more people spend time on than their careers or in some cases their life. 

The first step

Decide where you are going and how to get there. Then make a start from where you now stand.   That is the simple secret to life.  I remember a phrase my mother would always say that was in sync with this.  “The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.”

However as simple as that is, many of us will never make that one step.  We will procrastinate sometimes for our entire lives.  Then it is so ironic that the blame is not on them, but is shifted towards another entity: no money, not the right time, next year, next job, next and more next.

One of the things that I have learned the hard way is that there is never the perfect time to start anything.  There will never be an aligning of the stars for everything to be in sync. That is why it is important to take that first step and march off into the winds of resistance.  Keep pushing and the more you move forward the more you will be able to figure out and bring more clarity to it.

Our people face more odds

We are a race of people that have faced unbelievable odds but we overcame.  Imagine our ancestors if they would have just given up the struggle, each of us would be in such a dilemma now as a group of people.

My father always said if it was easy everybody would be rich and prosperous.  Rich being the metaphor for whatever your dream is.  If you read biographies, the common thread is that they never gave up.  Facing insurmountable odds, but perseverance carried them through.

So the next time the phone rings, that person walks up to unload, just wait until they come up for air and ask them their plan and what are THEY going to do about it.  Better still tell them to listen to Teddy in his deep voice say.

Only you generate the power!

To decide what to do with your life

You’re a fool if you think you’re helpless

You control what you do with your life


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