Are you out of gas?

 Are you out of gas?

Lately it seems that I have come in contact with so many people that are just sputtering along.  What that means is that it appears that they have just run out of gas. 

They ones that are working, commute in the same way each morning but the drive is gone. It appears that they want to just coast to their finish line.  They may want change but there is no output towards driving change.

The ones that are not working have just resigned themselves to not working and are not trying to get back on track.  They want a job very bad but the effort is minimal. 

Are you full or nearing empty?

The human gas tank causes us all to run at optimum performance when the tank is full.  However as the needle moves in the other directions, the combustion responds according to the needle.  Low on fuel means low on effort. 

Thanks God our cars do not run this way.  Imagine all the drivers that drive the car continuously on or near E.  We could spot them easily if our cars reacted according to the needle.  Sputtering along would indicate low fuel and until we pull in and get a fill up.

The major difference between these analogies is that we are our own gas pumps.  We can pull in at any time and choose the octane level and fill up.  We are the owners of our efforts.  We own the gas stations.  We are the ones in charge of our happiness, sadness, motivation, pessimism and optimism.  We never have any one to blame but ourselves.  Yes, it is easy to lay the blame somewhere else be it the economy, job market or whatever you choose.  In the end it is our drive that will allow us to surmount whatever obstacle that is in our place.

Self Medication

For this ailment we have to self-medicate.  What about our lives that make us happy and feel good about ourselves.  What is it that recharges our body and gives us a refreshed outlook?

The possible prescription could be a lot of different things.

Everything that we think or do creates energy.  All of our experiences create both positive and negative energies.  Ever notice how happy people are on Friday’s.  Even the sourest person among us smiles on that day.  The closer it gets to the end of the day, the happier people become.

The key to being refueled and recharged is placing you in charge.  That means creating more positive energy, being more engaged with trying to improve your situation.  Take music for example. Ever notice how someone is reacting when they are engrossed into their music.  

It is truly evident how they feel. How does your favorite song make you feel? What type of energy do you enjoy most from music? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, dig into your iTunes right now and put on a song you love.  Your body becomes overwhelmed in the sound and lyrics.  Music is transformative in your attitude.

So outside of listening to a great song, what are some other prescriptions to get mentally back on track?

Your prescription for getting back

Positive friends.  If your friends are all negative-focused people that is the first thing that needs to be changed.  You must build up a network of people that are doing positive things in their lives.  Being in this aura of positive people will only encourage you and create the environment for growth.  

Reflect and Renew.  Carve out some time during the day that is me time.  This time could be used to reflect on where you are headed and how you are going to get there.  Your commute time is great for this especially if you drive since you have the space to do music and think out loud.  We must all think about our lives each and every day.

Read.  Step back and take a look at what you are reading. Have a feast on words that inspire and uplift your thoughts.  This could also be industry articles that enlightened you on what is going on in your industry or your field of interest.  Stay clear of any content during these periods that are toxic and meaning less. 

Physical Recharge.  Do you have an exercise routine?  As we age, we should exercise more.  I am not talking marathons here, but walking, swimming, cycling or anything that you can use to get your body moving.  Walking is one of the best exercises that do not require anything of you but effort.  Put on your favorite music and enjoy a good walk.  Get into a routine that is doable.  If it is twice a week, that if fine.  Don’t increase the odds by taking on something that you can’t and know that is unreasonable.

Angry Foods.  Deep fried, fatty, oily, heavily processed food and soda all work together to put stress on our bodies.  Yes, they taste good, but that should not be the mainstay of your diet.  If you put in bad fuel your inner parts will not function properly over the long haul.  Eating healthy is paramount in getting your energy back to optimum levels

All of these steps will move you in the direction of your goals.  You may know of other steps that work for you but my list is based on what has always worked for me and is still working. 

You are the CEO of your life. 

You make the decision, you call the shots, you and only you determine the end results.

 “You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” 
― Stephen RichardsThink Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

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