Try it and you just might like it. Part 2

This months post is a part 2 from the previous months post.  In that post I talked about taking advantage of the opportunity.  The person that I was talking about in that post was me.

I am writing this post from my new assignment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Yes I am living the life of an expat.  Been here one week now and it concludes my career.  My bucket list is complete.  C-Level opportunity, global assignment is the last 2 boxes to check and my career is now complete.

It was a journey that took twist and turns and there were days that I wanted to just take a step back.  On those days I indeed did step back only to rethink and readjust.  Some of the insights that I have learned along the way is to listen to the beat of your own drum.  

I received a note from a friend the other day who had announced that her daughter would be graduating with a doctorate degree.  As I read the announcement I was kind of taken back when the last couple of lines stated that her daughter wanted her to reach out to me to give her advice for her career!!!  The brilliant young lady was a high school teacher and got a full scholarship to complete this degree with no debt.  However she did not want to go into the school system.

So as I read, my thought was you are asking me as to what your daughter should do as the next step in HER career.  What do I know?? My response to her was why not ask her that question.  Have her to create a list of things that she WANTS to do.  She is already half-way there because she knows what she does not want to do.

  • That drum beat that we march to gives us signals all day long. 
  • Bad feeling on Sunday in anticipation of Monday 
  • Days sitting at the desk in a mindless stupor
  • Sitting in meetings and your mind is a thousand miles away
  • Spending that working time looking for another job
  • Etc. etc.

I am sure these points ring a bell and you could probably add more to it.  The secret is that successful people have all had those thoughts.  However the key difference is that they use those bullets as fuel to the fire.  In other words, yes this is what I am feeling but this is what I going to do about it.  Think of each excuse or negative thought as a log to throw on that fire.  Let yourself be the captain of your ship.  You have to determine the destination and the navigation points to get there.  If you have to make a detour, you follow the green line and get back on track.

What is it that you really want to do?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail.  If we knew that we could not fail, so many of us would make the change instantly.  We would do a u-turn el pronto!  Well the secret is that if you put your mind, body and soul into any challenge, there is a strong possibility that you will be successful.  Even if not the success that you figured, you are further along that you would have been if you would have remained in netural.

Each of us has the spirit to drive to unbelievable heights.  Our problem is that we listen to often to what our friends and colleagues say.  We come home in a funk and call board members who in a lot of cases have not figured out their own lives but yet we listen to them.

The best book I have read is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  I was fortunate to read that in my senior year of high school.  One of the most profound quotes of that book is “whatever the mind of man/woman can conceive or believe, it can achieve”.

From that book to this day, whatever I strive for I get a photo of it and put it throughout my surrounding.  When I go to my bathroom to shave every morning, the picture stares back.  When I sit in my home office, there it is again eyeing me down. 

It has become such a ritual over the years that my kids who are now grown have adopted that same technique.  When I go to my son’s home, he has the pictures of his next quest properly positioned.  My daughter wanted that new car so she found the photo and plastered it on her walls in her room.

We all have the keys to unlock that door, but we get flustered if the key never fits the first few that we try.

Remember as I learned before I sailed away from my parents’ home is that if you can believe it, you can achieve it.





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