The title read: Who’s in Charge Inside Your Head?

When I saw that headline, I thought, wow that has got to be great article.  We all have that inner voice that carries on a constant banter with us.  Sometimes good and sometimes not so good!

Jim Gaffigan who is one of the best comedians today has built a routine around that inner demon or inner coach, depending on your state of mind.

Well, was I disappointed when I clicked over to the article?  It was a science article about germs etc. and the effects of tapeworms.  But I would not let this beautiful phrase go.  

I am a people watcher and I notice so many people today just not in the moment, for whatever reason.  They stare it space.  When you have a conversation, you know that they are looking through you.  

My uneducated diagnosis is that people are carrying such heavy burden that they sometimes can’t come out of the fog.

That voice is the drum major of your thoughts.  Should we listen or should we ignore.  I know of many people that have listened and made a move and either they were successful or they had a detour to another plateau.  

I also know of folks that have not listened but continued down that path and in the end was so miserable and on reflection knew that they should have self-detoured.

It is a perplexing dilemma in our personal lives.  So perplexing that I feel very strongly that this is what has the hammer lock on engagement at work.  

Workers doing something that they don’t want to do.  Workers that may not feel that strongly about their work but are just going through the motions.  We all see it every day.  Stop in a retail store and the clerk could care less.  Meet someone and there is just nothing: no emotion whatsoever.

There are so many people that have literally checked out.  The voice is in control and they are being run by it.  They take heed to every monologue that comes from it.

Prisoner in our own soul

Have we become prisoners in our own soul.  Discontents within organizations today for the most part are being directed by tormented souls.  I remember working in an organization at one time that someone mentioned how they would love to be able to look at one person’s childhood because the outside person that we all saw and dealt with was tormented.

It was always noted that whenever there was a one on one, this person was known to look right through you, no eye contact.  It was like looking into a blank slate.

Overloaded workers have added to the stress and strain that is common in today’s workplace.  This is an issue that has been received lots of attention lately in various magazines, research etc.  

The stress and strain over the past few years has not been much help.  Being laid off will disrupt even the mentally stable the longer the period of unemployment.  Having friends or co-workers that have been laid off also causes each of us stress.

This is why it is so imperative to take control mentally.  I have always lived by this rule:  Where you are headed tomorrow depends upon your thoughts today.

If you can’t see yourself in a particular spot in your life, you will never get there.  You have to be able to visualize yourself being in the moment.

I am very big on visuals.  If there is a goal that I am shooting for, I get a picture of some type image and place it everywhere: above my desk, in my bathroom even on the door that I leave the house.  In other words, I can’t escape it.  It only comes down when I attain it.

If there is not visual, make up one.  Looking for that promotion with the fancy title, type it up with your name and title and place it strategically around your environment.

By doing this you program the inner drum major of your goals and the monologue changes.  Some days will come and you will not feel it but the constant reminder of everywhere you look will continually reinforce it.

So next time you see a drum major leading the band, think of the one inside your head and give him/her YOUR marching orders.  You are in control not the voice inside your head.

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