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I got a call a few weeks back from a friend of mine about his daughter.  He was concerned because she was in a job that she did not like and all she does is work and come home and sleep.  Saturday and Sundays were spent with the vast majority of the day being in bed.

She would come down and eat, engage in conversation and back to bed.  Her excuse was that she was tired.  Meanwhile she is 23 years old.  My thought was if she is tired at 23, how will she deal when she is 50+

I gave her a call and we spoke for a long time.  She explained the woes of the job, her desired career and she sounded exhausted.  So my question was what are you doing for you??

Well yes she sends out resumes, makes a few connections on Linked etc and that is it?  My response was, “is that all”?  Cause if I were in a situation as dire as she explained, I would be overwhelmed with anything that would move my career needle.

There are so many people in life today as a career crossroad, doing something that they despise, wanting to do something else but putting no or minimum effort towards it.

Sending resumes today is like putting it in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean and hoping that someone picks it up.  There are so many people that just sit home and click submit.  Folks, I want to let you in on little secret, I do not care what your career goals are, that will not move you closer to your goal.  Granted some may get lucky and get found, but that is the rare one.

My question to everyone that is in a career dilemma is that you have to do for you.  Staying in the bed and being depressed is not going to help the situation.  If anything you will become more and more depressed.

We go to work and we devote 8 hours to our job which translate to 40 hrs per week.  Now I would like for you to calculate how much time is spent on you.  How much time are you spending daily and for the week in the pursuit of your goals.

I remember many years ago being in a funk, I did not like to situation.  I realized that I was not doing anything for me.  I was not in mental or physical shape or at least not at the peak that I wanted.

I set up a routine that each day I would focus on me for a part of the day.  All in the pursuit of getting to the peak level of my career.  First I set up a physical routine.  So many times we neglect our physical body and that was where I decided to start.

My solution was to use that membership that I purchased years ago and was not using. I would find a time every day to work out.  This was hard because we all have that little voice that tells us that we can do it another day.  I ignored it and once I got into the right routine, everything fell in place.  More energy now to do all the things that I was just too lazy to do.

My commuting routine changed because I would spend an hour each way reading the newspaper.  I realized that there was so much going on in my industry that I would self-educate.

Now I read everything that I can get my hands on about my industry.  My reading packet for my commute would rival exam prep.

Networking is another key pillar that is a vital part of career growth, but it is not just exchanging business cards.  When we collect business cards, they tend to end up on the desk.

No more.  I take each business card and follow up with an email and a LinkedIn invite.  I send a short note to tell them how much I enjoyed our conversation and touch on a key point that we talked about.

The next step of that process is to stay in touch.  If they are in your desired destination, let them know that.  Periodically reach out as much as you can, but do not be a pest.  Invite for coffee is almost always accepted as opposed to lunch.

After I got myself in gear, I change my weekly home routine.

Now when I would arrive home, I go to work for me.  I spend 2 hours each night following up on leads, checking job boards etc, following up on phone calls.  Basically this was MY office time.

Sometimes we need to kick ourselves in gear.  You cannot afford to have a pity party and get down in the dumps.  It is your life and you have to take control.

Will these steps land you a job right away?  Probably not but I can bet you that it will eventually work out because not your new job is to get you a new job.

That my friend is a job within itself.

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