A Graduates Guide To Success

“I will never pick up a book and study again”

This statement came during the last week of finals during my daughter senior year in college in 2010.

I am sure there are lots of seniors finishing up exams this week and probably thinking the same thing. 

They have stuck their heads in the books for years.  Exams, presentations, work projects and solo assignments are all part of college.  That is the price you pay for getting that degree.

However let me let you in on to a little secret.  Work is no different.  If you are now finishing up and preparing to walkout into the world of work with degree in tow, things are no different.  The work process will take on the same flavor.  In order to succeed you have to bring value.  The way that you bring value is being the best that you can be.  The way that you become the best that you can be is to constantly develop yourself.

If you are doing what you really love, none of this is a problem.  You relish it.  That is because you eat breath and sleep it.  Do what you love and it is not work.

Now begins the hard part

All of this came back into focus on my commute home the other day.  I had a stack of reading material that I needed to get through.  As I glanced at the newspaper, I saw an article about an upcoming graduation ceremony.  I could not help but think that the real studying now begins.

If you are in your chosen career and you want to be a success, there is no way around it.  I often marvel at the stories of premiere athletes and the way they go about training:  Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Terrell Owens, and Michael Jordan. 

All these athletes had work habits that would sideline the average person.  Practicing 8 hours per day on their day off as Tiger was said to do.  Michael Jordan had an official size gym at this home when he played in Chicago to shoot hoops endlessly and solo.

Magic Johnson was recently interviewed and he told the story about how he tried to gain a business mentor.  The mentor asked him “what was the first thing he read in the morning?”  His reply was the sports pages of course. 

Magic’s mentor advised him that if you want to be a success in business, you must read not only the Wall St. Journal but all other business publications.  You must become steeped in the language of business.  That should be the first thing that you reach for every morning.  Focusing on the sports page is not going to make you that businessman that you want to let out.

I owned a 7-11 store for 9 years and I was told by a young man who had just bought the paper that he only reads the sport section and throws the other parts away.  He knew everything there was about basketball and football.  But if that was not the subject he was clueless.

Self-Learning and Development is in your hands

All of this is about self-learning and development.  This is not assigned learning.  This is not required learning.  However if you want to attain success in your field of choice, the process of self-learning never stops.  You must consistently strive to get better.

You should know everything there is about your industry. There was once a time when you got your monthly industry magazine and basically that was it.  With the advent of blogs, newsletters and various websites, a person can be constantly updated about what is going on in their field.

ITunes University is an excellent portal that has lectures on basically any topic. All for free.

This transformation from college graduate to successful person will be nothing compared to the years that you just finished.  The climb will be much higher and steeper.  That is if you want success.

Do you want to be successful??

All this is predicated on your drive to be successful.  If you chose not to be successful, just get a job and go in every day and do just enough to get by.  That will definitely guarantee that you will not improve your station in life.  But on the other hand, you will be the first to go when the downsizing begins because you bring no value.

As I told my daughter, “welcome to the real world, now the studying begins.” 

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