Are you being judged by your email address?

Here’s a question for you, what do you know about these individuals based on their email address.


Based on these email addresses, here’s what I know:

  • John Smith has his acquired his domain name—He is a professional or someone (like moi) who wants to own & manage his social presence.
  • Sally Smith goes to Stanford or works there in some capacity.
  • Mary Smith is probably 47 years old—as of the writing of this blog.

Great, but what do we know about Brian & Jane?  Here is where your email address may get more interesting in the eyes of recruitment professionals who are quickly becoming private eyes. 

Your email domain could reveal more about you than you would think. According to Oatmeal your domain has this to say about your computer skills. <== Did you click the link? Are you surprised?


On a more scientific note, surveyed 700,000 users based on their email domain.  Their findings seem to predict demographics, personal characteristics, and personality traits based on your preference of Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or Hotmail.   

According to, Gmail users tend to be men and prefer being “entrepreneurial” rather than working on a team. On the other hand, AOL users live in the suburbs and haven’t traveled outside their own country. Family is their first priority.  Also according to Hunch…

  • AOL users are most likely to be overweight women ages 35-64
  • Gmail users are most likely to be thin young men ages 18-34
  • Hotmail users are most likely to be young women of average build age 18-34
  • Yahoo! users are most likely to be overweight women ages 18-49

                                                                                                         Click here the read the full report from Hunch

Here’s the point: you may be judged by your email address AND while this could be viewed as a type of stereotyping, and we all know stereotypes are wrong, nevertheless it is happening so be aware.




One more thought…

People who participate in our workshops know that I’ve been on a campaign to eradicate the use of email addresses that begin with phrases/names such as: Catchme, LuvShoes, or BigDealRonnieBrown at [domain name]dot[com]. 

I’ve seen these addresses on resumes, online biographies, and LinkedIn profiles.  What is the likelihood that you would open & read an email, much less an attached resume, with these email addresses? Low—so, stop it!

Thanks for reading, sharing, liking, and continuing to give us your perspective—talk back.  Enjoy your development!

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