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It has been said, “Adults who are truly alive are always learning.”  I love that saying.  Learning, for me, is an attitude, a habit, and a way of life.  I see learning as a way to turn problems into investigations and crises into opportunities.  When you are learning you discover new ways of approaching the unknown, and you desensitize your fear of the other unknowns in your life.


The chief object of education is not to learn to things but to unlearn things. 

 –G. K. Chesterton.

I agree with that statement, partially.  Unlearning is AS important as learning.  Here are a list of questions I asked (and answered) in 2011, and plan to do the same of 2012.  

  1. What do I need to unlearn?
  2. What new information do I need?
  3. How do I increase my personal competence?
  4. What new technical skills do I need?
  5. How can I stay anchored to my values and spiritual compass?
  6. Where are my best learning environments?
  7. Who are my “real” teachers, mentors, and coaches?

Many of us do not use learning to our full advantage.  It’s comfortable and easy to stay locked into what we know and learned over the years.  However, the world continues to spin and new paradigms and technological advances continue as well. 


Are you familiar with the CES?  If not, you should be.  The Consumer Electronic Show opens today (January 10, 2012) and what gets unveiled there WILL affect your life.  Check out this link from Time Techland for a quick overview of what is to come. Here are a couple of questions for you: where are you on your technology journey?  Where are you on your learning journey?   

 Keys to your future

The key to everyone’s future is the way you stay awake throughout your adult years, getting new tools, and support.  That said, many adults view learning as they did in school, perhaps even in college.  However, adult learning is …

  • About discovering, not memorizing
  • It is about awakening, not passing test
  • Its visceral discovery, not mental school
  • It is self-directed, reflective, and action oriented 

Continuous learning keeps you vital, awake, and expectant—in this ever changing, ever demanding environment.  

So,,,,keep learning what you need, when you need it and checkout our offerings, subscribe via RSS feed for the latest, and reach out to us.  We exist to enhance your learning experience.

Enjoy your development!

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  • Denise says:

    Interesting article. I think learning, living in the present with a great amount of personal awareness, can do wonders at helping us to “unlearn” beliefs, thought patterns, etc. that no longer serve us. Stay open. Stay aware.


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