Author of my fate

If you were asked to write a book about yourself what would it be?  Would your character be the most compelling such that if it was a movie, you could not keep your eyes of him/her.  The minute that your character appeared on the screen, the excitement level in the audience went up.

As I was work out each morning, my Ipod is tuned to gospel music.  Hey it’s works for me.  There was a song by Richard Smallwood, that used that quote (Author of my fate) but in another context.  We have all heard a quote or line that just sticks with us.  Over the next few days, I kept coming back to it.

Become the Director of your life

So my thought was what if we could be the author of our fate, would it be different than what we are doing now.  Would it be so interesting that people would line up to buy it or would the movie be a sellout?  Are you an actor following your script as it unfolds?  Are you a spectator watching from the sidelines and marveling at the other characters in your life?  Remember that you are the director.

This is the perfect thought as we enter a new year.  2012 is in its infancy and there is not a better time to give your life some serious thought. 

I have never been much for resolutions and from what I have noticed over the years, the vast majority of people do not live up to them.  But if you thought over your life to this point and gave it a serious going over, what would be different if you could start from this point and create a new script or just make a adjustment.  Successful people are always tweaking their script.

The Character Called Me

You may be in a position to say that I am on track, the script is guiding me and I am playing the hell out of the character called me.

However, there are folks among us that are just shuffling through.  The lines are lifeless and for that matter the entire script is.  No emotion whatsoever!  Each chapter is different and we jump from one to the other is no structured order.  We move from crisis to crisis, we move from failure to another failure.  It may be time to hit the reset button.

So for 2012, write out a plan to determine where the story about you will end up.  Are the chapters aligned?  Is your script doable?  If you were to pass your story over to your love ones would they get excited about it.  These are all the type questions that you should ask yourself.

Everybody’s life is basically a script that you either make it exciting or you just muddle through.  Each of us has the capacity to be anything we want to be and can accomplish anything that we truly set out to do.  However there is always a price to be paid.  That price has nothing to do with dollars.  That price could equate to a lot of hard work.  That price could equal studying into the night, working through the weekend on a project.

You have to be obsessed with it

The ones that accomplish success will live, eat and breathe it.  The go to sleep with it on their minds, they wake up with it still front and center.  They go through their day with 20/20 vision like a laser beam on that goal, never losing sight.  Sometimes it may get out of focus, but miraculously they sharpen their vision and are back on track.

People that are in this mindset are most always positive.  That is because they know where they are headed.  Most importantly, where they are headed is exciting because they have the steps laid out and they know that they are on the right track.  They can almost reach out and touch it.  Knowing that it is only a matter of time before that great scene in that script is coming up.

So as you enter 2012, take a few minutes to think about the script of your life.  If you want that academy award nomination, you must play the role with all that you have in you.  Otherwise you are a member of the audience watching someone else life unfold.

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