End of the year strategy

Having just finished Thanksgiving we are now headed directly into the Christmas season. And before you can blink an eye, 2012 will be here.

No matter where you are in your career journey, there must be milestones for review. Some people use an array of dates as reminders to have that conversation with themselves. I normally use my birthday.

Your personal performance review

Unfortunately there are some among us that never have that personal performance review. We not only dread the workplace performance review, but apparently we dread our own.

The journey of a career is a long and tenuous one, there are crooks, turn, detours and about every obstacle that you can name that will pop up from time to time. If you have ever been a jogger, there comes a time when you just want to stop and rest.

That milestone is the point that you should keep moving, because that is where the renewed energy comes into the picture. In the recently run NYC marathon, the runners all spoke about that peak when the energy was about to register empty. But by just keeping up the pace, the tank was full again.

It is what it is

This year may not have been to your choosing, but it could have been a lot worse. Not matter your situation; there is someone in your shoes that is doing worse.

Focus on your trajectory or lack thereof. If you have not planned the journey or at least have some idea as to where you are headed, you could end up anyplace.

There is no such thing as a stress free journey. The vast majority of our time is spent earning a living, so it would be best for all involved to try and find work that we enjoy.

Who are you?? Know thyself.

What are you good at (strengths)? What are you not so good at it (weaknesses). Do you have goals identified that are “YOURS”. The uniqueness’s of you is your competitive edge. This gives you the narrative that makes you the ideal choice for that dream job. If you know who you are, the narrative is authentic.

What are you passionate about?

I always notice when people they talk about something that they enjoy doing. The passion comes through loud and clear. We have all had conversations and have noticed this same reaction with our peers. This is such a big key to success, because when you have to work long hours, weekends or any other schedule that would bore you to tears, you would never mind this if you loved what you are doing.

Enjoy your journey

It will be full of surprises, some good, some not so good. Everyone needs a narrative. Listen or read any biography and they all list and talk about the rough spots in their journey. You can’t get there without it. So as the bumps hit you head on, bundle up and keep heading into the wind. Change the path if you must, but you must keep moving. It may be more or a lattice vs. the ladder. Keep building the narrative.

Help somebody

To reach your goal you must be willing to help someone reach theirs. As we move up always look around to see who needs help. Try and do as much as you can for anyone that comes your way. It is like karma, it will all come back. There is nothing as fulfilling as mentoring someone to reach their goals.

Read, read and read some more

If you are striving to be knowledgeable in your career, you must know what your industry is facing. You should know who the key thought leaders are in the space. Everything that you get your hands about your industry, read it.

I notice so many people that are so fixated on sports to the detriment of their own lives. They live, eat breath and sleep whatever sport is in season. But remember, the people you are watching on the screen, have all paid the price to get to the pinnacle of their career. All they have ever done is practice since they were kids and now they have made it albeit for a brief career window. Know what is happening in the world around you. The more you read the more you shape your personality and you become more interesting to your colleagues.

So as the holiday season gradually comes into focus, spend some time getting your career in focus. Look at it as the gift that will keep on giving.

Happy Holidays

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