Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

When we launched The Compact Series earlier this year, it was because we read the vital signs of the traditional resume and made a prognosis: with Linkedin approaching 30 billion page views for 2011 it makes sense the company would focus on replacing things like Resume’s, business cards and rolodexes with business intelligence—and we were right.

Everything is closer than it appears!

At the Linkedin Talent Connect 2011 conference this week, the company announced the launch of Talent Pipeline, essentially a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for recruiters, and you guessed it: the staffing world loves it.    



This aint your Father’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

I don’t have all the details regarding the benefits & features of the application, but here’s what I know as of this moment:

  • Talent Pipeline facilitates uploading contacts and records into the application regardless of the source.
  • Talent Pipeline focuses on managing prospects, not applicants –key distinction you should be aware of.
  • Talent Pipeline will automatically find LinkedIn records and make the connection, keeping that record in Talent Pipeline updated forever.
  • Talent Pipeline is free with the purchase of some of their core products—well, I guess it depends on how you define free.
  • Talent Pipeline will be available as a standalone product.
  • Talent Pipeline includes tools for alerts, workflow processing, collaboration features between the recruiter & hiring leader & has robust reporting – must show that ROI.
  • Talent Pipeline is available for select companies now, and will be available broadly in 2012—and that’s like what, two months!

What to do, what to do

We are in a socially connected world that’s becoming increasing transparent with apps like Linkedin, about.me, Path.toTalent Pipeline and a host of others.  Constructing & managing (not hiding) your social presence will allow you to connect with key individuals that value your mission.

We created Resumes, Bio’s and Linkedin – What’s your story with the understanding that utilization of social media and business tools is becoming more & more an expectation of EVERYONE.  Our launch throughout Northern California has been great.   Here’s a quote from a recent workshop participant:

“I had a great time!  The information was so incredibly helpful and fresh.  I’d rather listen to you guys all-day! Wish we had more time together” Elizabeth Valca

Checkout an upcoming workshop or request one in your area or place of business.
 Enjoy your development!

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