Beyond the neighborhood

Recently I attended the 2011 State of the Race Conference hosted by the Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy.  This year’s theme: Beyond the Neighborhood: African Americans Competing in the Regional Economy.  This is my second year attending the event.  The speakers, information, and forum were outstanding & on-point.

Turning Numbers into Knowledge

 Quantitative problem solving is the process by which we take numbers and transform them into knowledge, using our instincts & experience to fill in when we do not have all the answers.  The presenters in this conference are masters at the art of problem solving: proficient with their calculations, experts at distinguishing facts & pulling out value, then converting information into learning’ to tell the compelling story thereby leaving you with a replicable template.  I encourage you to review the presentation materials on the link provided below. 

2011 State of the Race Conference

Enjoy your development!

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