Such is life

These are my folks: Annie Lois Adams and Theonza Alvin Adams—in their younger years.  They have been gone for quite some time.  I was 7 when my Dad passed away, 21 at my Mother’s passing.  However, the lessons they taught me are lived-out every day.

Bad news, good feelings

Yesterday I received a bit of bad news.  The details are unimportant, but what I noticed was my initial response to the caller, it was…

“Such is life.”

Picture it:

Age 17, planning to go with my (wild) friends to the County Fair on the Fourth of July.  However, this fourth my Mother had other plans.  I awoke early that morning; cleaned my room; did my chores; and was headed out the door when my Mother called me back and asked where I was going.  I told her, with my friend to the Fair.  She said “didn’t I say No” and of course I thought it was a great opportunity to share with her all that I had done to eliminate any objections, but before I could speak she continued, “No, is a complete sentence.” Yes, yes it is.  In retrospect, I am very happy I stayed home.  What I experienced that fourth are memories that are treasures.

That lesson and others have carried me through several storms.  Those two sayings have helped me emotionally release over circumstances I really cannot control.  Think for a second on the advice and reprimands that appear so unfair at times from our folks (or loved ones) that has helped us through confusing times particularly at the decisions of others.

May I share with you a couple of my Mom’s sayings–my friends called them Annie-isms.  I am a “My Mom used to say” person and my close friends hear Annie-ism often.  One day a friend remarked, “You know, I feel like your Mom is raising me too,” she meant that sincerely as a compliment. She also wrote a poem for her called “Tears for Annie.”  I was so touched & honored, perhaps one day I will share it with you all.

Here are a couple of Annie-ism that may help you someday.

  • Such is life
  • No is a complete sentence
  • No, you don’t fit in, you weren’t designed to
  • A half-truth is as good as a lie
  • Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated
  • Partial obedience is disobedience, and
  • What has been, you cannot change

What has been, you cannot change—wow, I cannot tell you how many times I have relied on that to help me through when life appears inscrutable.

I miss my folks, I miss my Mom a lot; but it’s nice to know that their teachings, their leadership can be so automatic that when the unfathomable happens that you instinctively respond: such is life.

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  • Janet Wynn says:

    I can certainly relate to what you are saying. My grandmother was the person in my life who kept me on track with her “soulful” sayings. One of her favorite sayings was: “You can’t bend a tree when it is full grown” as it related to discipling your children while they were young. Her sage advice and no-nonsense, take no-prisoners attitude served me well until she died at the ripe ole age of 90. I can still hear her saying, “chile, you must make the most of your life, before it runs out.” I wish I could tell her, “Granmma, you were so right!”.

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