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Shhhhhh, you have been identified as a High-Potential!

In this issue of Altruistic Leadership, we are examining the notation that High-Potential assignment is solely in the hands of the employer.  Instead of being Passed-over & Pissed-off (PoPo), learn the keys to becoming (and remaining) a Hi-Po on your own terms.


Don’t (bad) stress me out, but good stress is OK—Dr.  Jerry Smith examines stress and the minority community.

Finally, is it possible to hate well? Yes, yes it is. 

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By Altruistic Leadership in Altruistic Leadership Magazine

24 pages, published 12 SEP 2011

16.2% –either unemployed or under-employed for people-of-color. For Black males, it is in the 20’s. So, “What is the data telling us?” High unemployment for people-of-color—we get that. What else is it saying? Moreover, how are we responding?


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