What “Apply with LinkedIn” means to your career

“I do not see any need for LinkedIn.  I do not have a profile and don’t plan on getting one.”

That statement came from my daughter reciting someone in her office talking about using LinkedIn.  When I hear this my statement is just wait till you are laid off. 

When I see heavy activity on my LinkedIn feed, such as 5 or 6 connections at one time, numerous recommendations, I know that they have had a come to Jesus moment.  There is either a rumor or layoffs or the hammer has come down.

Last week came one of the most important announcements in career management history.  LinkedIn has unveiled the new resume of the 21st century. 

How many times have you struggled with applying for a job online?  Before you even get to the application, you have to fill out an online profile.  It can take sometimes up to a half hour or more.  Upload the resume and then “fill” out the application.  All the while you are hoping that each time you click “next”, the screen does not freeze cause then you have to start all over again.

Times are a changing.

I remember before the advent of the internet, you would get the Sunday classified, scan it and if you found an opportunity, you had to get either a fax machine or you mailed it in.  Then you would wait for a response.

This outdated procedure morphed into the email attachment phase.  If you saw a posting, you would email your resume as an attachment.

With the advent of ATS (automatic tracking system), everything changed again.  Now you had to fill out the online profile into the company’s system.  This could be a long and arduous process.  Then you had to begin the process of filling out their online application.

The resume has withstood the test of time, but the crack is in the façade.  Recruiters were always somewhat skeptical of resumes.  The resume was based on a one to one or one too many relationships.  That is you and the recruiter or you, the recruiter and hiring manager.  This could also include others within their hiring change.

LinkedIn and your career

What LinkedIn affords is that it allows recruiters to recruit passive candidates.  85% of all recruiters will search profiles as a first step for basically any role.  They also feel that your online profile is more accurate and truthful.

Why, because when you post your profile, everyone in your connection group can view it.  These could be co-workers, ex-bosses etc.  This does not allow for bogus or exaggerated claims, because someone will notice.  In other words your profile is always being vetted.

Everybody will need one

Every working adult should have a profile and it should always be kept up to date.  Build it before you need it.  Make sure that it is always current.  My motto is that anytime there is a change in your duties and responsibilities this is the first step when you get back to your desk. 

Always remember that you are silently being vetted each and every day, 24/7.

My daughter was incredulous about that statement by her co-worker.  She built her profile while a junior in college.  She just recently crossed the 100 connection threshold and is building and tweaking it almost every day.

More importantly there is not a week that goes by that she is not contacted about a position.

I told her that her co-worker will get busy as soon as the layoffs begin.  Lots of time that is too late.

Remember build it before you need it.  The old resume will be dead soon.

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