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By now, everyone who reads my blogs knows that I am a LinkedIn evangelist; and, the best type—they don’t pay me for it—hmm?  (Pause….) Anyway, this morning while updating my profile, adding more connections to the group I manage, I noticed my feed had something I hadn’t seen before.


Nice!  I recognize it’s not magic how they determined this position might be a match, given my background, but the continual enhancement of this tool excites me, and it should you. 

With an unemployment rate of 16.2% (for people-of-color), I appreciate the notification of opportunities that I may have missed.  In addition, I welcome any chance to share job opportunities relayed to me from my network to job seekers.  Last week I shared with my immediate community (connections, group members, fans, and friends) several tremendous opportunities at the University of California passed on to me from a LinkedIn networker—the results, several qualified people are now being seriously considered for the postings—that’s what it’s all about!


I’ve been on somewhat of a holy war regarding the utilization of LinkedIn for diverse job seekers and networkers.  Last reports tell us that less than 6% of LinkedIn users are people of color–, that disconcerting.  Therefore, in response we released, “What is the Data Telling Us” highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship/ career ownership/LinkedIn profiles—check it out.  This month we posted in Managing Your Career Diversity Style, by Ron Thomas HR Executive and award winning blogger What “Apply with LinkedIn” means to your career—outstanding advice, check it out as well.  Finally, we launched our Compact Series and the Career Exploration & Resumes, Bio’s and LinkedIn—what’s your story sessions have been well received. (By the way, thanks for the feedback on moving these series to a video / webinar format—we’re vetting.)

So, let’s do this folks—sign up (if you’re not on LinkedIn), update your profile (and we can help with that), and get your head in the game. Make sense?  Thanks for reading and talk back; we’re listening—enjoy your development!

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