The Brand speaks for itself

The text message read “They are proposing me for the new job of “account executive”

As I read this I smiled with a sense of pride.  The text was from my daughter.  She got her first job post college and was into her 7th month of employ.  Now she was being considered for a huge promotion.

One of the strongest aspects of our lives is the brand that we project.  Like a beacon in the night it is always sending out a signal. Those signals are being picked up by friends, co-workers, managers and who ever we come in contact with. 

The signals we send

In your workplace, it works the same.  What or how would your manager describe you in Twitter parlance (140 characters or less)?

If you are currently unemployed, what are you projecting during the interview?  What does your resume project?  What does your style of dress within the context of the job interview say about you?  The beacon in the light house works 24/7.  That is the greatest metaphor for your career.  Today it is so important that we always understand it.

Product vs. Personal branding

Consider for a moment what you know about coffee?  Are you a Starbucks as opposed to a Dunkin Donuts?  They both make great coffee but to coffee aficionadas there is a big difference between the brands.

Let’s try another Pepsi vs. Coke.  They both have fans and they both swear by them.  Each product sends out a distinct message about who they are.  Think Mercedes vs. Lexus or BMW.  It is the same regardless of the product or person.

Just saying the name evokes entirely different responses.  Your ability to get the work done is the same as your brand.  It does not matter what you think of your ability, if your brand does not project it, it does not count. 

In organizations, when there is a job opening, lots of time they have already identified someone who could be a possible replacement.  This happens all the time.  This chosen person has already been noticed from amongst the flock.  Whether it was project worked on or a host of other related signals, the powers that be have been watching.  The truth is someone is always watching and taking notes.

There are so many people today that are in the throes of career dysfunction.  Whether it is a new career, trying to reignite the old one or striking out into new territory, branding should always be on the front burner.  Branding does not care what stage that you are at.  Branding keeps on ticking and the signals are sent.

That is why we must be self-aware as to what we are projecting.  Take a look around at your peers and test it.  When you see them, what comes to mind? 

So as you take the next steps to move forward, make branding a part of your career toolkit.  Make sure you understand your brand and always make sure that you are on and always projecting.

Remember, whether you are aware or not, the signal still goes out.

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