Resumes, Bio’s & Linkedin–What’s Your Story

Creating a personal brand in today’s competitive workplace, distinguishing you significantly from others can be challenging, and here’s the real shocker, that distinction is expected

In the Resumes, Bio’s, and LinkedIn—what’s your story workshop, we begin the session helping you understand the importance of owning your “personal brand.” Also how that brand is tied  to social media.  Like it or not, the two are absolutely linked.   Your personal brand is a holistic look at your goals, passions, values, abilities, capabilities, and how those figure into—and enhance—what you have to offer, in this case, an employer.  Social media is “just” the means you will use to talk about you. Why? Because…

  • We live in a transparent world.

     After all, numerous others may have your job title, but only a few (if any) might share your vision & appreciate the talents you offer.  Constructing & managing (not hiding) your social presence will allow you to connect with the individuals & companies that “value” what you have to offer.

    The Compact Series are no-cost sessions designed for diverse leaders in transition.  During these sessions, we create a space for you to take a step back and explore what it means to focus on your career—the job part will follow naturally.  

    • Class size is limited for specialized attention
    • This session is small to meet the specific needs of the participants.
    • No cost session. 
    • **sign-up now–session ends in October and morph in 2012**  

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