How to keep winning, when the rules keep changing

      Life is a mystery—unfold it.

      Life is a struggle—face it.

      Life is beauty—praise it.

      Life is a puzzle—solve it.

      Life is opportunity—take it.

      Life is sorrowful—experience it.

      Life is a song—sing it.

      Life is a goal—achieve it.

      Life is a mission—fulfill it.


People who make an unwavering commitment to learning stay fresh and ready to act.  Perhaps more than anything else, learning is what separates us into two categories: proactive & reactive.  Gaining new information, ceasing available opportunities, joining the conversation, are just some of the ingredients to leading vanguard lives.  That is what learners do.  They aren’t intimidated by closed doors, because to them it’s an invitation to knock on their tomorrow.

How do you keep winning, when the rules keep changing? Keep Learning!

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  • We must keep learning if we are going to be part of the future, nothing stays the same. Think about computers in the classroom & teachers, we must be ready for the future. Learning and sharing our knowledge is how we win when the rules change.

  • Astra Joseph says:

    Annalisa, I am impressed by your bio. I feel like you have lots of valuable experience and knowledge. I absolutely love your posting about a changing future and continuous learning. I’m a strong believer in following your dreams, and if you don’t know where to begin, start by learning something new! The one thing I am struggling with is my eagerness to take the path of least resistance. Like you, I have a bachelor of business administration and recently assumed the role as exec. assistant for a small software corp. I absolutely love my job and feel like I have great ideas and things to offer the company. In my learning stages I noticed that conflict resolution and standing for what I feel is right is not a strong suite of mine. Although I feel learning is a process of give and take and most of the time, you take what’s given to you, I also feel like there are times when inflection is needed. So my question is how where you able to establish your role in initializing your career and what things do you suggest about being better at communicating towards confrontational situations that could or could not be learning oppurtunities? Thank you so much for sharing!:)

    • That is a very thoughtful question, thank you. The question of handling conflict is often addressed with my coaching clients, and one we attack aggressively in our workshops. The Leader-of-color may approach this area with apprehension. And, with good reason, I might add.

      A place to start is getting comfortable with the idea of conflict and its sibling, criticism. We tend to back away from the idea that conflict is healthy. View conflict and the ensuing dialogue as growth opportunities, ensuring you depersonalize the response you receive and sift through the conversation for those areas that will help you grow as a leader.

      Also, and this is an area I see missed most often, understand your conflict style. Question: Do you accommodate or avoid?
      Do you compromise, collaborate, or compete?

      Understanding your style & that of others is an essential component of depersonalization & gaining the gift of conflict.

      Better Safe than Sorry:
      Now, some conflict can be or become destructive. That is when I share with my clients that I’m much more interested in their being safe, than right! It might be better to back away from the conversation and revisit it at a later time. A simple “I need 5 minutes” will do.

      I hope this helps. You are invited to experience our assessments and inventory workshops–check out what we call a 2-Hour TuneUp. We focus in several areas that are tripping points or derailers for leaders. It’s quick & effective and comes with a 30 minute coaching session: very affordable.

      Enjoy your development!

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