Are we being left behind?

Yes, I know what you are thinking, its May 20, 2011 and there are posters and media buzz about the Rapture of the Church on May 21st —well that’s not what this post is about.  The scriptures are pretty clear–“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” – Matthew 24:36. I’m pretty sure Camping is not on the list of who knows.

What I am referring to is technology as it relates to the people-of-color community.  Sure, we are high user of apps like Twitter, but are utilizing it in a way that moves us forward.  Check out this article from Black Enterprise—illuminating.  In addition, check out these related post!

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(Good movie–by the way)

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  • Annalisa I am very impressed with your credentials. I see that you are very serious about diversity communication and development. I just joined the African American Leadership group on LinkedIn and I am looking forward to reading the materials you put on the site and gaining information on how to build my presence in the online community.

    I just received my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and I am very excited about getting my business going. As an African American female I want to get the next level so that I can inspire other women that are striving for the same thing.