Happy Anniversary!

“To reach your goal, you must try just as hard as you can to help someone reach theirs”

That is a quote that I have always lived by.  So many times, we are so caught up in “getting there” that we do not try to help others along the way.

It has been approximately 1-year since I have been associated with Altruistic Leadership.  I received an email a year ago from CEO Annalisa Adams-Qualtiere, asking me to be a guest on her radio show, “Take a Lesson”.  She wanted to know if I would I be the inaugural guest on the show.  Without skipping a beat, I said sure “let’s do it”.  That is how it started.
When my mother passed away a few years back, the pastor said that one of the things that he remembered most about her was that whatever the Church was trying to do, her stock response was, “What do you need me to do”.

That was such a powerful legacy and I try to live by it as much as possible.  There is not a week that goes by that someone will email or call looking for some type of assistance.  This could be connecting them to someone in my network, asking for career advice or other assistance type issues.  I will return their call with the same promptness as a business call.

After our first show, I thought of ways that I could help her get this series off the ground.  I called back and let her know that I have a strong network of friends that would make great guest on the show.  As we continued the conversation, I threw out names and short bios and she was able to tap into my network.  This in turn expanded her network and reach.  It was a pleasure to help her with my resources.

As she talked about the goals behind her show, I could not wait to get involved.  Through our friendship I have come in contact with people that I would never have met.  This all came about l because of one phone call/email.  Try to imagine how powerful we could all be if everyone reached out to make others dreams come true.

We have had calls over the past year where we strategized over not only the program but also other areas of reach for Altruistic Leadership.  I want to do whatever it takes to make her success possible.  In other words, I am helping her succeed as much as possible so that I can succeed.  Her success makes me successful.  It is as simple as that.

So many times in today’s climate, people will not return calls, respond to emails etc.  When my two kids finished college over the past couple of years, I told them that the most important component in business is to be responsive.  Someone reaches out, you respond.  Even if you do not have an answer, you still respond.

I have had situations where I have not heard from people in years and as soon as they get broadsided by a career malfunction, I get a call.  Why?  I think people by nature want to help people but it makes it a lot easier when you get a call from someone who you had stayed connected with.

The most important time to manage your career is when things are going great.  That is what so many of us lose sight on. You must constantly stay connected.  This makes you a more genuine person because you have demonstrated the importance of staying connected.

If you are one of the “non-responders”, rethink your methods; reach back when someone reaches out”.  Try to help even when there is not reward.  Always look for ways to move someone else dream forward.  What you will find is that it also moves you closer to your goals.

So, as I look toward and happily celebrate this one year anniversary, my question to you is “what have you done over the past year to help someone reach their goals?”

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