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Hello readers of MyCDS, we are interrupting your January MyCDS to bring you an important message. Thank you for sharing Managing Your Career Diversity Style with your network. It was a great year in 2010 and now we are asking for your help in 2011. Our desire is that this site and particularly MyCDS meets your needs. So, tell us what you need! What questions do you have regarding Managing Your Career, Diversity Style? Don’t be shy! It’s your opportunity to let us know what you think.


BTW, Ron Thomas (author of #RealTalk) is a preeminent blogger on the web as evidenced by his numerous awards and recognitions! His contribution to #RealTalk is unique and you won’t find it anywhere else—so, family, use it! Please email us at mailto:realtalk@altruisticleadership.com letting us know what you need to further your career in 2011 and beyond



Message from the Heart:

As a businessperson in this economy, I am keenly aware that it’s tough right now. Because of the challenges facing EVERYONE particularly the unemployed and underemployed in the diverse community, we are presenting Day-Of-Opportunity. This conference/workshop is designed to help increase your leadership potential and share valuable resources. Don’t miss out—January 18, 2011, Click here for details & registration.

Thanks and we now return you to your regularly scheduled #RealTalk by Ron Thomas in February.

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