Are you suffering from Careeritis?

You better be ready for it!!!!

When my son was small, that was the phrase that we would use to anticipate things. Whenever he heard me use it, he instinctively knew something was up.

You better be ready for it meant anticipating gifts or something new..  Whenever there was something coming up, we as a family would repeat that phrase and the inner excitement would bubble to the top.

The day after Thanksgiving had me answering so many career related emails that I wanted to yell. You better be ready for it.  

This recession and the anticipated fall out have caused the vast majority of workers to wake up out of a stupor.  So much so that 75% of current employees are looking for a way to change jobs.  

So this year forget the normal New Year’s resolutions and concentrate on moving you forward.

Different scenarios and questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Employed
    • Are you engaged and satisfied where you are?
    • What are your plans to address this?
    • Is your LinkedIN profile up to date?
    • Do you tweet (Twitter)?  Is it professional
    • Do you Facebook?  Is it professional
    • Are you aware of the issues facing your industry?
    • What are your thoughts on your industry?  Is the industry hot?  
    • Are you ready for the next level?  If not, why not?
  • Unemployed
    • Have you reviewed your resume lately.  
    • Remember the 15-20 second rule.  That is the approximate time the recruiter will take a look.  Consider having it professionally done.  You must show results and not just “managed a team”
    • Have you designed a marketing plan to get back on track?  If you were a product, how would you market yourself
    • Review your contacts and reach out to people in your network that you have not contacted lately
    • Follow the companies that you would be interested in working for through Linkedin.  80% of recruiters look to LinkedIn first in sourcing talent.

If there is one major resolution that I would suggest everyone make, that would be managing your career to the next level.

  • Take a serious look as to where you are
  • Decide where you would like to be headed
  • Pick the destination
  • Decide the route that you will take to get there
  • Specifically choose milestones that will be used to gauge your progress.

You must track your progress.  Build in milestones that will allow you to track your progress.  Weekly, monthly and quarterly are all ways to specifically track progress.  Remember you must be able to measure it to manage it.

Career management will be the topic of the 21st Century.  Even to the level of new graduates, who are having such a tough time finding jobs will be affected.  From Boomers who are nearing retirement to Gen X, Y, this recession has affected everyone.  That is why we can no longer blindly move forward without the thought of where our career is headed.  Are we making the right decision to move it forward?  

I wrote a recent post concerning the Thanksgiving celebration at my home where everyone was in some stage of career dysfunction.  This may sound unique but think of your family.  There are members out of work, there are members who are looking for another job. There are member who are looking for ways to move on.  Today no one is immune to what I call careeritis.
My favorite group from back in the day was the “Temptations” and one of my favorite songs was “Get Ready”.  We all might as well cue it up on our IPOD.

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