50 LESSONS & William Lamar Jr – Great Resource!

With more than 25 years of experience in the quick service restaurant, package goods, and transportation industries, William Lamar Jr brings a tremendous amount of leadership, expertise and insight as Chief Marketing Officer previously responsible for the marketing, advertising and new product development in the United States for McDonald’s business. Increasing market share and spearheading the launch of the i’m lovin’ it  global campaign within the United States, Lamar’s results helped lead to McDonald’s being honored as “Marketer of the Year” by Advertising Age magazine.

 Lamar also served as General Manager and Regional Vice-President for McDonald’s Atlanta Region where he was responsible for the business results of over 700 restaurants. Prior to that, Lamar a 22-year McDonald’s veteran, served as Vice President National Marketing where he was responsible for U.S. Regional Marketing, U.S. Media, Hispanic, African American marketing, the national advertising co-operative and local store marketing.

 50 Lessons digital content represents an unparalleled resource to enhance and facilitate learning across multiple business disciplines and through multiple learning channels.  This is one of my favorite leadership sites filled with extraordinary, successful, and Altruistic Leaders like William Lamar Jr.

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50 Lessons

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