What are you really living for?

When does a “good thing” become the “ultimate thing” and results in some form of idolatry? Let me ask it another way. What are you really living for? Alfred Adler (an Austrian medical doctor, psychologist) says if you really want to know what you are living for, look at your nightmares. What thing if it were absent might take away your very desire to go on with life? That “thing” may be on the path to becoming the “ultimate thing.”

Lately, hurting people are finding their way to Altruistic Leadership. They hear about us through our broadcast, through their church, through their friends—with a large percentage coming because they have been displaced, primarily through work, and are asking very deep questions that without that type of experience they may not have asked nor had the courage to ask.

What I find is that the position (or the job—recall what that stands for) gave them worth and value, which is a good thing. However, when the “good thing” (in this case the job) became the “ULTIMATE THING” that’s bad news because the job became an idol.

In psychological terms, an idol is the thing you get your identity from. In Bible terms, an idol is the thing you’re turning to for your righteousness. When the idol is removed, the invitation for anger, bitterness, depression, discouragement, fear & anxiety and a host of other emotions invade. Fear & anxiety (and their brethren) are defused by knowledge.

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