That’s the way we roll!

That phrase while not a favorite of mine is often used by a friend of mines husband.  She hates it too.

Well yours truly did reflect on that saying this past week.

This past week NAMIC Annual conference (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) was held in New York.  The Saturday before the event, I was on both email and phone and back to my calendar.  Would a morning meeting work better or maybe a mid-afternoon coffee?  How about a late dinner?  This went on Friday/Saturday.  By Sunday I had several appointments confirmed.

Why all the ruckus?  The phone calls were from friends, who had friends and thought that we should all meet.  This is a normal occurrence for diverse professionals here in the big apple.  We are always thinking of each other and looking for ways to bring others into the fold.  This is also an occurrence that I would love to see duplicated throughout major cities for that matter.

It is called networking.  Meeting and getting introduced to like minded professionals in your industry and out.  Networking has proven to be the most effective way to market your career, business etc.  How could you not network?

In NYC we are a tight knit group of professionals: attorneys, business development professionals, HR executives, Executive recruiters, non-profit executives, you name it.  We do breakfast, we do coffee, we do lunch, we do drinks  and from time to time we do dinner.  We strive to support each other as much as possible.  We stay in touch by phone, email, Facebook and in some cases Twitter.

To give you a prime example of how we work together.  I was asked by the CEO of Altrusitic Leadership to kick off the Take-A-Lesson Broadcast sponsored by her company.  After the interview I kept asking myself how can I help?  Therefore I called up a few of my friends to participate and brought maybe 4/5 of my networking friends into the fold.

Imagine if that was scalable and we all asked ourselves the question, how can I help?  Whether it be jobs, business opportunities, mentorships, you name it we could cover it.  I am just so amazed when I am in the company of diverse leaders.  My thought always goes back to our forefathers and how proud they would be.

That is why it is so important that we share our time, talent and treasure at every opportunity without fail.  We will make a difference each time, no matter how small.

Our unwritten mission should be to to help others, whether that is passing a resume along, connecting people together, providing advice, asking a favor and most of all supporting each other.

Or as my friends husband would say so eloquently, “That’s the way we roll.”

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