Next Workshop: Day of Opportunity – 2011

The jobless numbers show no evidence of “post recession”.  Moreover, older works and minorities continue to withstand the worst of this job market.  Also, people are looking for coping mechanism & survival tools to deal with …

  • Unemployment or Underemployment—this is just as important as the former,
  • Lost wages during the unemployment period,
  • Decreased wages at the new job,
  • Loss of a sense of community with old colleagues,
  • Stress on the family life, and
  • Decreased sense of self-worth while unemployed


Let’s not forget for long-term employees (those who spent the majority of their working life with one employer and have a limited network) are finding a comparable job a difficult proposition.

Altruistic Leadership presents ….Day of Opportunity – 2011

Altruistic Leadership programs clearly state we are interested in what you are becoming vs. what you are doing.  For that to be true, we cannot disconnect from other segments of the community (e.g. faith-based institutions, behavioral health agencies, and other systems) to accomplish our goal of an exceptional experience for all who participate in our programs. 

 On January 18, we are presenting a workshop designed to uncover work & leadership opportunities.

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