Diversity and the use of Social Media

Did you update your Facebook today? Did you tweet your thoughts today. Is your LinkedIn profile up to date?

On the other hand, where is your career headed? Are you stuck (in reverse) career wise? Are you looking around for greener pastures?
Now you may be asking where is this conversation going?

If you noticed, I asked three questions in each of the above paragraphs. That is the epicenter of this article. I will show how managing your career and social network are forever intertwined. With the advent of social media, it has placed a new wrinkle in your job search, your social media imprint.

However, there is one troubling aspect to this equation as it relates to diverse population. I have become troubled with the amount of non-activity on LinkedIn and the amount of activity on Facebook and Twitter. I did an unscientific study last week which prompted me to write this article. I compared a few of my Facebook friends. You know the type–the ones who update you at each location or what they just ate, etc. etc. with their LinkedIn site. The finding was a total disconnect. A few connection and in some cases double digits, no record of accomplishment, minimal summary section and no career that stands out.

I always thought this was a possibility but became more interested after a discussion with Annalisa Adams-Qualtiere, CEO of Altruistic Leadership. We discussed this over numerous phone calls over the past few weeks.
If you get nothing out of this article but one thing and that is that LinkedIn as the primary driver of your career, and the others are secondary to this point. As you read the data below, you can see how important this tool is to your career. Bill Cosby new book titled “Wake Up People!!!” says it all.

Read the second paragraph again now and this should give you some insight. Nearly 1 in 2 companies[i] are doing their online due diligence for prospective job candidates. Thirty-five percent of employers reported they have found content on social networking sites that caused them not to hire the candidate. Provocative photos and info are a bad idea (53% of employers will not hire you).

What is the breakdown of the three sites[ii]:

Between Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, twitter is the most ethnically diverse network, with 25% of its traffic in December attributed to non-Caucasian visitors. Facebook follows that number pretty closely, with an audience that is 78% Caucasian, 11% African American, 5% Asian, 5% Hispanic, and 1% “Other”. LinkedIn is by far the least diverse of the three, with 86% of its visitor base identified as Caucasian and 6% as AA.

If you are serious about moving your career, it is an absolutely a must that your LinkedIn profile ALWAYS be up to date. If we spent just 25% of the time that we spend on Facebook or twitter and concentrate on keeping your LI profile up to date, you can eventually move the needle in your career and build your network of like-minded professionals. The stats that were previously mentioned shows the connection between recruiters and how they are using social media to take a look at your social media imprint while perusing your resume.

Facebook was my first intro to social media, I connected with all my friends, and the “fun” began. After a while, I pulled back and realized it was not where I wanted it to go. Therefore, I created another Facebook page and started connecting with other professional, broadened my network and all my postings became work related. This Facebook page is 100% work related and focuses directly on my business. When I started with twitter, it was professional all the way.

LinkedIn to me is the most important of the three. This is one of the sites that I basically stay on throughout the day. Why because my career is important and any edge that I can use, I will use. It now has the feature that will allow you to post articles. If you come across a great article concerning your field, post it. If you have a question that needs answering, post it to your connections. JOIN GROUPS! There is a group for your interest, no matter what. These groups not only send updates but job listings. Recruiters now are beginning to post first on LI before they begin to use other media. A few now exclusively post to LI. This is why it is important.

This is a decision that you will have to make, is it more important to update my status on Facebook or twitter or concentrate on your career updates on all three. If a recruiter were to search your profile, would they bite and follow up with and email.

Think about it and re-read this article. ~Ron

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[i] Source: http://mashable.com/2009/08/19/social-media-screening/

[ii] Source: http://blog.thekbuzz.com/2010/01/diversity-in-social-media.html

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